Before HCG was discovered majority of us lost weight through callisthenics.  In this era, HCG diet plan is most used on weight loss. When it comes to aerobics and physical exercises the most common asked questions are: What about exercises, can it work as effective as the HCG diet? Can I do both? Is it recommended? These are just but a few questions that occupy the better part of our minds when we are on this journey of weight loss. With HCG, one can choose to do away with exercises because with or without exercises it still works very efficiently. You understand this from the previous articles discussed earlier. What of one who is used to daily routine of drills?

One has to understand, why the use of HCG drops? It is actually the fastest way of losing weight. I would say if you are comfortable with exercises go on. Even though it might be slower but it still works. This is because it is said that if you indulge yourself on the HCG diet plan for your weight loss together with the exercises, it will actually slower your weight being lost. Stick on a lighter exercises if you must exercise while on the HCG diet.

This is however good news to the “lazy” people around who don’t like exercising. Try not to exercise at all while you are on HCG diet plan for weight loss. If you have to exercise then you are to be very careful with your work outs. Why is this so? According to Dr. Simeons, some exercises actually result to increase in weight. As clear it may sound, Increase in weight. Exercises such as long tracks’, cycling, skiing and even dancing some hours have proven to cause weight increase after some day may be even the next day. Take note that some exercises do not have the same effect such as vigorous swim, ride on a horseback, run and even a game of tennis. Its hard to find best hcg drops on the market. But, you can depend on reviews written by top rating sites. However, hcg Complex still holds best hcg drops on the market. You can check more reviews on Amazon and Ebay.

Remember, HCG diet plan for weight loss come in handy with feelings of hunger. What if you do exercises too? You will often feel hungry and this may tempt you to eat much and you may feed on a much calorie that you are not supposed in the process of curbing the persistent hunger. Therefore, it is best to stick to either of the one. Is it HCG diet plan or exercises? Find one which you are advised accordingly and your journey to weight loss will be a success and a happy one too.


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