Homeopathic Weight Loss Breakthrough: HCG Complex™ HCG Drops

At last, a homeopathic weight-loss formula that is safe, effective and requires no expensive injections. It’s HCG Complex™ HCG drops — nature’s way of telling your body to rapidly burn fat. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally-occurring glycoprotein hormone that instructs a pregnant woman’s body to burn fat when her caloric intake is too low. HCG Complex™ HCG drops will turn on your fat-burning engines and free you from hunger pangs.
HCG Complex™ HCG drops offer amazing benefits:
  • Safe: Can be used safely by men and women. No side effects have been reported — HCG is a natural compound that occurs in the bodies of all men and women. HCG Complex™ HCG drops are 100 percent pure with no additives.
  • Convenient: No painful, expensive injections — you just have to take liquid drops.
  • Effective: The weight comes off quickly and stays off. It works with or without a diet plan.
  • Availability: Our homeopathic compound is available without a prescription. All orders ship within 24 hours and standard shipping is FREE. Online orders are encrypted for complete security.
  • No Commitment or Fees: You don’t have to become a member or pay recurring fees.
  • Support: Our experts will answer all of your questions!
  • Economic: Save big by using our Multiple Item Discount.
  • No Risk: You get a 100 percent money back guarantee with each order. And all transactions are safe and secure.
  • Best Rating: It is rated as #1 hCG drops by Wikiweightwatcher.com , and many other websites.

How HCG Complex™ HCG Drops Work

hypothalamusThe hypothalamus gland is located in the brain and helps keep your body in chemical equilibrium, called homeostasis. The hypothalamus works with the thyroid gland to control sleep, thirst, hunger, fat storage and metabolism. HCG works in a remarkable way: When you are taking hCG and the body senses it is running a calorie deficit, the hypothalamus signals the brain to ignite the body’s fat-burning engine. Stored fatty tissues are converted into energy and your weight starts to melt away. HCG raises your metabolism and keeps it high so that fat burning continues while fat storage is prevented.
To take HCG Complex™ HCG diet drops, you simply place 10-12 drops under your tongue 3 times daily for rapid absorption. The HCG immediately kicks off the fat-burning cycle, resulting in the burning of 1,500 to 4,000 fat calories a day when combined with the weight loss protocol. The taste is pleasantly mild, and there are no painful shots.

What About Dieting?

Before & AfterA diet plan is optional — however, your weight will drop faster if you adopt our recommended diet plan protocol promulgated by British endocrinologist Dr. ATW Simeons who discovered HCG for weight loss in the 1950s. The diet plan allows you to eat about 500 calories a day. Don’t be alarmed by that low number — the fat burning induced by HCG Complex™ HCG diet drops will provide you with all the additional calories you need… without hunger! You will actually feel energized, not lethargic the way dieting alone can make you feel. While we recommend you adopt the 500 Calorie HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan, it is optional. If you do choose to adopt this diet plan, expect to drop ½ to three pounds per day. Without a proper diet plan, weight loss will be less rapid and will vary from person-to-person.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have unsuccessfully struggled with your weight and have tried every other diet plan out there, you may have grown wary of diets and supplements. That’s why HCG Complex™ HCG diet drops come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Our drops are pure, unadulterated by preservatives or additives, safe and effective. You get the same amazing results you would expect from expensive, painful daily injections but without the pain and expense. You have nothing to lose…except your excess fat! Get started today!
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Treatment Of Obesity With HCG

Treatment of obesity with Hcg is a clinically proven one. Dr. Simeons’ ‘Pounds and Inches’ explains about Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and its role in weight loss.

This is a glycoprotein hormone that can melt abnormal fat banks in the body and accelerate metabolism. Obese people, who want to get rid off bulges and flabby muscles can consume or inject this hormone for a dramatic weight reduction. To lose 40 lbs and more, one has to undergo 44 days of Hcg weight loss program.

Does HCG Treatment For Obesity Really Work?

  • HCG treatment for obesity really works because in this diet plan an overweight individual have to maintain a VLCD protocol for 44 days.
  • This hormonal therapy comes with the combination for 500 calorie diet and 125 i.u. of daily HCG dose. It will shed 1-3 lbs in just one day!
  • According to Wikiweightwatcher.com, HCG drops or injections  burns out the abnormal fat deposit in the body and release calories from them. It accelerates metabolism.
  • Obesity is best handled with a smart fat free diet that is the prime criteria of this hormonal plan. Moreover, this glycoprotein hormone suppresses hunger pangs without making one impoverished.

HCG is found in various forms. Users can buy this beneficial hormone online and over the counter in drug stores. Though there are intra-muscular injections and pills, reports say that the homeopathic diet drops are best and secured way to introduce this hormone in the body.

  • No pain and muscle cramps
  • Taken under the tongue
  • Required no mixing
  • The drops do not have an expiry date
  • A great shelf life
  • The diluted hormone acts faster as it dissolves faster
  • Reasonable price
  • 10 to 48 drops will shed 1-3 lbs in 24 hours!

Where To Order HCG For Weight Loss Protocol

The best thing about HCG is that one needs not to consult a doctor or undergo a long list of pathological tests. If someone thinks that he is overweight and needs to shed some amount of fat, he can just order it online. In fact, online availability has saved the time and costs of the user significantly.

However, the huge popularity of the diet has encouraged innumerable frauds to enter the market. They may take advantage of your unawareness. So, it is advisable to do proper research before ordering your product. Remember, a genuine website will always provide you detailed information about the product, its usage, its utility etc. It will also take the vital information about you, may be sometimes demanding a medical form to be filled up. Click here to Order HCG.

Does HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss work?

  • HCG drops have proved to be revolutionary in curing obesity. The diet drop has the proven ability of reducing 1 pound per day. A person can lose up to 20 pounds in the whole process.
  • The diet drops are very convenient to use. It is taken under the tongue. Since, it is available in diluted form; it takes hardly five minutes to dissolve in the blood. Unlike the injections, it doesn’t involve any pain.
  • Starting from sportsperson to working women, anyone can use the diet. The normal life of HCG users never gets disrupted.
  • Throughout the world, the demand of HCG drop is very high. It is due to its track record of solving obesity problem. Any one above the age of 16 can use it. It not only helps to shed extra fats but also at the same time rejuvenates the skin to give fresh and younger look. It is also useful to cure partial infertility in women.